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Matteo Turi

Matteo Turi

Trading as: Taras Services Ltd

Town: Northolt

County: Middlesex


Telephone: 02034043112

Mobile: 07443 874605

Email: mt@taras-financial.co.uk

Website: www.taras-financial.co.uk

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/financematteoturi/



Matteo is a ACCA Registered Member with over 20 years commercial, strategic, tactical, extraordinary and operational finance experience across many sectors. He is passionate about wealth creation in business and provide Finance Director services to SME businesses, fostering high performance, building top-quality operations, formulating critical processes, with strong internal controls for sustainability, bottom-line return, and minimal risk.


Key Strengths

Merger and acquisition, powerful business plans, market-beating pricing strategies, higher valuation strategies.


Sector Experience

Telecom, Food and FMCG manufacture and distribution, Retail banking, Recruitment, Clean Energy, Water, Travelling, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics.



“Matteo is a brilliant person and a great collaborator who invested profitable energy in his job bringing excellent results. Carrier of a new concept in business, Matteo is highly skilled in management and in human relationships. He's a reliable partner. I would recommend Matteo as a positive person to work with. He certainly is an asset to my Company. As a manager, Matteo is very focused on business, financial results, and innovation for the company he works for, always focusing on the fact that team and people are the key elements to satisfy the customers' needs and reach the goal requested by shareholders. I think Matteo can make a difference in a company that wants a real change.” Raffaella Grassi, Partner, Origami Engineering

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