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FinanceHeads exists to facilitate the interaction between SMEs and the experienced and committed finance support they need. It enables its members to share knowledge, ideas and experience, and provides the support they may lack operating independently.

Why become a FinanceHead?

The idea behind FinanceHeads is to bring together committed individuals behind a common name, which, with time, will become recognised as a source of talented and dedicated business people who have “been there and done it”. Working under the FinanceHeads name has started to open those doors normally closed to individual independents, while the brand is increasingly seen as a trusted, familiar name by potential clients. With periodic meetings and seminars planned by the Company, members get to know like-minded accountants with whom they can share ideas or seek opinions. Should workload prevent the acceptance of a new assignment, one member can confidently refer it to another, and a modest introduction commission could also be agreed between those members. In one case, a member brought in another to fill a particular skills gap they had when working for a particular client.

With membership restricted to selected, experienced accountants, the goal of the Company is to make potential clients aware that they can search the FinanceHeads website with total confidence, knowing that whoever they chose to support them will not only have the relevant experience, but also able to address areas they didn’t realised needed attention.

As an individual, making your voice heard can be tough. As a larger Group with a common agenda, it’s a lot easier to get people’s attention. This greater awareness of the support that a FinanceHead can offer will help more businesses to achieve the success they seek as well as creating a demand for the FinanceHeads services.

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