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Needing funds but not investment ready

Topic : Needing funds but not investment ready.
Author : Stephen Foale - Fletcher Foale


Having developed a SaaS product for the Health Sector, which was attracting much interest, the client needed funds to resource the potential rapid growth in sales and, with a P&L history of losses during its development phase, normal bank facilities were not really an option. However, the accounts of the company had not been their priority and therefore were also not in a state to assist fundraising.


Following a thorough review of the books and records, these were brought up to date, missing documentation was found or created, and accounts were corrected where need be, and fully supporting schedules of assets and liabilities prepared.
A detailed 3 year financial plan was constructed from the owner/manager’s challenged assumption, and they were assisted with the creation of an incisive, yet informative business plan.
Introductions to funders were then made, and the directors were supported with their presentations and subsequent negotiation and execution of their funding.


The company achieved an economic mix of debt and equity injection that helped it achieve its aims, and the advisor was retained by the company to give ongoing advice and support to management and comfort to the funders.

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