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Providing Strong Management

Topic : Providing Strong Management
Author : Caroline Billington - a-count-a-bility Limited


The Finance Director of a company left due to ill health leaving staff who were highly skilled at their individual jobs but had little knowledge or how their parts linked together to form the whole and as such were unable to contribute to the overall direction of the company or department.


A FinanceHead was brought in by the Directors to provide strong management. The different roles of the key managers were understood and then some these were rearranged to deliver greater effectiveness and efficiency.

The Board needed a Finance contact who would understand the business issues and who could support them in their strategic and operational decision. The finance team were given a sense of cohesion by helping them be clear about the role they performed in delivering the companies success.


A FinanceHead will not generally provide a full time long term solution to a challenge such as this and so help was given to recruit a high quality permanent Finance Director. A clean handover of a department with firm foundations and the respect of the organisation was achieved.

Author and Financeheads Member
Caroline Billington a-count-a-bility Limited
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