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Another pair of eyes

cliff 20140428 for webGoing on holiday took me away from gardens and allotments and gave me a chance to walk along cliff edges and across moors. The plants you see growing in these conditions are somewhat different to what I am used to seeing and the sea provides a blue (ok, grey) background – again a difference to the green lawn backdrop.

As a business owner it can be very easy to see your business from a particular perspective and not realise that there are alternatives that perhaps your staff or customers see. Even if you all see the same view there may be better results to be had by looking from/in another direction.

A Finance Director will not only head up a finance function but will be part of the management team and offer that other pair of eyes – or as one of my clients recently put it “play devils advocate”.

Whether wandering around Cornwall or wading through a business plan it pays to look around and ask others what they see – it is much more likely that the best options will be identified.

Blog post written by Caroline Billington of www.a-count-a-bility.co.uk

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