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Have you kept your head above water?

As the weather turns cold, the leaves have all fallen and there is water everywhere it feels like it is time to batten down the hatches, light a nice fire and wait for it all to go away.

Every business has times when it feels like it doesn’t have as many customers as it would like (or of the right sort), when all the key staff are on holiday, maternity leave or sick, and life would be just that bit easier if the VAT wasn’t due!

Wherever the deluge is coming from it helps to have a plan of what ‘good looks like’, to have considered a few alternatives for when it’s not plain sailing and to measure progress against these plans. Any FD will have experience in this area, it’s our ‘bread and butter’, so if you want to look forward to tomorrow’s pleasures and not just focus on today’s troubles then you know who to call.


Blog post written by Caroline Billington of www.a-count-a-bility.co.uk

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