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How to reap what you sow?

quinceMy latest, substantial, harvest is from my quince tree. As far as I can tell it did better than ever this year because of its maturity, together with the benefit of the weather, and the appropriate compost to improve the soil.

Business owners are constantly challenged to recruit the right staff and build an effective team. Part of this is recognising which ones are particularly crucial for the business to provide high quality products to sell, deliver good customer service, support management for decision making and so on.
The staff also need the right tools to do their job; a salesman without a phone or car is going to struggle, a web designer without a PC will get nowhere, an FD without a good bookkeeper simply won’t be able to function.

One of the key messages I was delivering at a training course this week was Garbage In, Garbage Out. In order to get the best from your garden, or make the best decisions for your business, you have to provide the right inputs – the alternative is wasted time and nothing to show for it.

Blog post written by Caroline Billington of www.a-count-a-bility.co.uk

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