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Improving the Bottom Line: Is it cost effective for me to do the mowing?

grass for BlogAs we get into Autumn one of the jobs that needs doing less is the mowing – and I will miss it. On a summers evening I love wandering up and down without really concentrating, admiring the rest of the garden as I pass, relaxing and therefore often letting solutions to problems find their way into my mind. 

Profits are clearly improved by the most expensive people using their time most effectively and doing the things no one else can do. It clearly doesn’t make sense for an MD to be doing the bookkeeping when a) it will take them twice as long b) they may well make mistakes and c) they could (for example) be selling products worth several hundreds or thousands of pounds.
However, if the MD making coffee occasionally helps build team morale or photocopying buys time to have new ideas then the time spent is still delivering enhanced business performance.

The decision about what to do and what to delegate is different for all of us, but in every case it should be based on how to maximise overall efficiency.

I am not sure where I will find my free thinking time this winter but when I do I know it will be time well spent even if it involves a task that could have been delegated.


Blog post written by Caroline Billington of www.a-count-a-bility.co.uk 

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