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Leadership comes in many forms

flower bed reducedIts the time of year for planting all the vegetables and bedding plants if you want to have them to eat/look at later in the year. At least one person in the household has to remember this and, if they don’t want a mutiny, will need to agree the details of exactly what to plant with the others.

Good business owners will make strategic decisions for their organisation to follow. Lucky business owners will have a management team to help them with the decision making processes underpinning this.

A Finance Director is not just about the numbers. They understand the business that drives the numbers, they can lead the finance team, they translate the data into information and they partner with the owner to provide leadership (amongst other things!).

Without leadership at whatever level nothing would get done. Personally I will express an opinion about the garden but follow someone else’s lead. However, I am happy to be the leader of my own businesses and facilitate the leadership of others.

Blog post written by Caroline Billington of www.a-count-a-bility.co.uk

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