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Working with the leaders and top teams of high potential companies who need to scale up and manage growth effectively. The complexity of scaling up and growing a business creates challenges as well as opportunities for leadership teams. Members of the VitalSix team have created, managed, grown and successfully sold both large and small business; this knowledge and know-how complement the skills and expertise of clients’ management teams to accelerate business growth.


Plans and Funds for Growth
Securing funds for growth is just one of the challenges faced by many high potential businesses and it’s crucial that expansion is not stifled through lack of funds. Where external finance is sought, it’s well known that investors value well prepared and clearly thought through business plans. Leaders and managers often get too close to their own plans and may fail to see how best to present succinctly their ideas, ambitions and potential. In order to maximise the chances of securing funds for growth VitalSix provides practical input and independent challenge to the leaders and management teams of fast track businesses. With strong business plans, VitalSix makes direct connections to the sources of equity and debt finance needed to scale up and achieve growth.


Henley Accelerator – VitalSix working in partnership with Henley Business School
A four day intensive residential programme to develop and hone the skills and specialist knowledge that are essential for leaders of fast track businesses. The High Growth Accelerator provides leaders and management teams with proven straightforward tools and techniques o explore their business to give a greater understanding of what needs to be done to achieve sustained high growth and to manage growth effectively. This four day programme, split over two sessions, is held at Henley Business School. It gives you the time and space to work on your business.

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